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Dear Parents/Guardians, A critical element of any student's learning experience is the need for informed and meaningful feedback to those invested in the student's progress. Reporting on student progress must have a well-defined purpose for it to be meaningful. Our school has identified four primary purposes for reporting student progress:

To communicate student growth to parents/guardians.
To document student progress and the effectiveness of instructional programs.
To prompt teachers to make periodic, formal assessments of each pupil's progress.
To enable each student to gain a positive sense of his/her intellectual, social, emotional, and physical abilities and growth toward effective citizenship.

Teachers share information with you through work sent home, periodic notes or calls, quarterly report cards, etc. Interim reports are one way that we can communicate this information. Please review your child¿s interim report. If you have any questions, please reach out to your child¿s classroom teacher.

Thank you.